our story - ssd jewelry


As a supporter of handmade, I have been crafting and making things with my hands since childhood. I began making jewelry over 18 years ago and ssd jewelry was established in 2003.

One of the biggest enjoyments of my craft is experimenting and trying new things. I am a self-taught jewelry artist and work mostly with metals, specializing in basemetal etching, stamping, and homemade patinas. Reduce, reuse and recycle…..this mentality is a huge inspiration to me! I like to incorporate vintage, up-cycled materials, reclaimed metals and organic materials such as repurposed leather, wood, and natural fibers into my work whenever I can.

I also use homemade patina recipes on my pieces to add unique colors and diversity to my collection—these recipes are free of harsh chemicals and are eco-friendly. In my work, I strive to achieve uniqueness using recycled materials, positive words, and indie flare. My goal is that my jewelry will connect with someone—visually and emotionally and that my production process will leave a small of a "footprint" environmentally as possible.